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Rocker Bottom Shoe

Have you ever heard of postural shoes or balancing shoes? Otherwise this blog is for you. This blog is your ultimate guide to to help you understand more about rocker bottom shoes or postural shoes, and what benefits does it give you when you wear them and what are the 5 best rocker bottom shoes that you can buy . When it comes to shoes, the first thing we look at is the design, we can't disagree on this fact because fashion is so important nowadays. But these rocker bottom shoes will give you one of the best experiences in wearing a shoe, why? Not only is this trendy, but it's also beneficial for people who have diabetes, which is why they are sometimes called therapeutic shoes.

These are some of the advantages and advantages of the Rocker bottom shoes, they are useful when walking or standing for long periods. It is also effective in limiting movement of the ankle and midfoot. Therefore, it is useful when a patient has ankle arthritis or midfoot arthritis. It can also reduce heel force upon heel strike, as the foot rolls off the heel faster. Helps strengthen the back muscles to improve the curvature of the spine, thereby reducing pain. Finally, it also helps to maintain proper balance while walking and helps correct posture.

Hope it makes you knowledgeable about rocker bottom shoes now if you are wondering what brands offer this type of shoes. We have what you need: here are the 5 best Rocker Bottom shoes you can buy.


1. Mapleaf Overhead Shoes

The first in the list is Mapleaf , is an Italian shoe brand, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing all types of shoes, but their main asset are the Rocker Bottom Shoes. They have a lot of positive sales and reviews from their website, even on Amazon. But what distinguishes from the other shoes Mapleaf Rocker Bottom? Mapleaf not only offers a high quality shoe, it is also affordable!

Furthermore, the design is minimalist which is why it fits into any fashion style. It is guaranteed that the shoes are of high quality thanks to the satisfaction review from customers. Mapleaf Rocker Bottom Shoe is wide wide sole shoe that gives you a light and breathable while you use them. The research also suggests that shoes with the bottom at barbell have an effect on a person's balance while walking and also help relieve back pain while walking . The shoes with rocker bottom Mapleaf are not behind any other brand of postural shoes as they offer also a shoe that can give you better posture and balance, which will help you get healthier feet that are pain free and help cure diabetics or any foot problems .

2. Sketchers Shape Ups

Sketcher Shape Ups

Who wouldn't know Sketchers right? Sketchers are mainly known for their Active or sports shoes, but they also offer Shape up Shoes which is their version of rocker bottom shoes or balancing shoes.

Sketchers' stylish comfort stride sneakers these shoes also feature two velcro closure straps that come with an adjustable hook and loop fasteners. This will allow you to easily adjust the fit of your shoe and will make it easier for you to take off or put on your shoes. The shape of the sketcher can also help people fight health problems like arthritis or diabetes.

3. MBT Shoes

Scarpe MBT

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, they are one of the few brands also known for their shoes with rocker bottom. The main purpose for which they created this type of shoe is to create a natural and uneven walking surface and to force the body to use all the main and stabilizing muscle groups, thus training the whole body to move correctly. MBT shoes are made for walking and also help in weight loss, as this will make you feel motivated to walk more thanks to its light weight.

But MBT shoes may be fine for walking, but it is certainly not recommended to use them for running as this could trigger some of the joints due to the curved sole and could cause you to lose your balance. That's why it's primarily built as a walking shoe that can also help treat diseases like diabetes.

4. Exersteps Sneaker for Men Whirlwind black Exersteps Rocker Bottom Shoes

Exersteps may not sound familiar, but this surely one of ben shoe with -loved bottom rocker sole. It is because of their simple but affordable shoes that other people may also compare them to designers due to the durability of the shoes. The upper part of the shoe is in leather, while the lower part has a lightweight midsole, a sock shaped and a non-marking sole.

There isn't much information posted about the company, but the customer reviews are enough to encourage more people to buy from their brand. But one of its drawbacks is that you needed an additional insole for better comfort, as some people had trouble reducing the comfort. But for its adorable price, there's no harm in trying.

5. New Balance Suede Man 928v3

Scarpe a pianta larga

The shoe model most famous and timeless of New Balance is the 990v4, known for its classic "dad" shape and high quality comfort, the 990v4 is a species of sneaker royalty. Note also for its durability, New Balance also produced a shoe that has a ROLLBAR and Technology Walking Strike Path specifically designed for stability and motion control. Therefore, this also helps improve the wearer's balance while walking.

One of its advantages is its width, moreover it is a wide-fitting shoe that can be an excellent choice for those who have a large size and want to have a comfortable shoe. But since it is designed for stability, this shoe also has a disadvantage in that it lacks the wobble bottom function. This means this is not the same as other rocker bottom shoe brands which can have a greater impact on the joints, but this is limited only to improving balance while walking. While some people who would prefer a less curved outsole but have balance issues, this can also be a great choice.


These are the 5 brands known for rocker bottom shoes, although it may look fantastic as it has the benefits of helping reduce the risk of getting arthritis and also helping in other diseases orthopedic. A lot of research also shows the benefits of this type of shoe, and there's really no harm in proving it's perfect for walking, exercising, etc. AND if you have foot pain, you could try and maybe rocker the flat shoes are for you! But we also recommend to consult first your doctor before buying shoes with a rocker bottom.