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Having trouble keeping your balance in your shoes? Or do you want to be elegant but have a problem with your feet? Well, our flip bottom shoes are right for you. Mapleaf offers shoes with a drop sole that is thicker than normal shoes. Flip-on shoes can also be called therapeutic shoes as they can help patients with diabetes.
The thicker sole of the rocker bottom shoes helps redistribute plantar pressure during the person's gait or walking pattern especially for those with diabetes. Research also suggests that flip-bottom shoes have an effect on a person's balance as they walk.
Some of the advantages of our overhead shoes.
• Useful when walking or standing for long periods.
• Helping patients with diabetes
• Suitable for anyone young or adult.
• Helps strengthen the back muscles to improve the curvature of the spine, thereby reducing pain.
• Maintain the right balance
Many customers also expressed their delight with our rocker bottom shoes,
"Great shoe that holds the foot well. Flexible. For flawless work" - Pat
"I already had a pair of shoes for balance, I walk very well, especially for the back, the shocks of walking are super well absorbed, please" –Koehler
Through the statements made by the customer, Mapleaf provides a great shoe that is not only about style, but also about the benefits it can give to its customers. With Mapleaf rocker bottom shoes you can achieve an exceptional style, but healthy and beneficial at the same time.