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Scarpe da Lavoro commode per Tutti

Scarpe comode per camminare

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They improve balance and posture

The use of overhead shoes can prevent all those unidirectional overloads, breaking the cycle of monotonous movement.

So those with back or knee problems could improve their condition as these shoes would help to protect against body fatigue following long walks

Lower back pain decreases

According to Professor Schmidtbleicher from the Institute of Sports Sciences at the University of Frankfurt, walking is undoubtedly more perceptible in all its functions.

Muscle overload disorders can therefore disappear < / p>

By increasing muscle activity they also help to lose weight

these shoes force you to take longer steps and land on the rear foot, using the heel more. Also improving blood flow to the feet.

I was no longer able to find a pair of rocker shoes I'm really happy good product well packaged It arrived on schedule Indeed first a really good product Thank you


I liked everything. I use this product because I have foot problems. and these are super comfortable


You have to learn to walk on it, but in the end it benefits greatly. Do not dream of walking with it immediately: the first day I had back pain, I would have almost made the return ... then I figured out how to balance the weight. In addition to lots of liquids, a low-calorie diet and long walks I have already lost 3 kg (and here I stop by inserting a pizza a week because I don't need to lose more). Very pleasant for walking and small jogging. Not for the bike, beware of slippery stairs and ground.



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